A motorcycle seat made from
Louis Vuitton Luggage?

Why the heck not.

Where most people are content to leaving things up to their imagination, Siren is making imagination..reality. What-ifs are becoming absolutlelys, and maybes are transitioning into no-problems. Lines are being crossed and boundaries blurred while we begin our ascent into the uncontrollable and wild ride of custom design, engineering, and fabrication of jaw-dropping, free-wheeling, one-off custom motorcycles.


Based on some of the most popular drinks in the world, this bike is a mix of straight shots of chrome and horsepower, with equal parts of unique design elements yet to be seen on any bike to date. Check your sunglasses or lipstick in the pop-up mirror that lifts from within the gas tank. Sit in splendor over the front rim made to look as if there are martini glasses holding everything in its proper place. As for the paint job, it will start at a purple haze shooter and blend to an apple green martini until it finishes at the fender to become a mouth waterin', lip licking, luscious lemon drop.


The only music coming out of this jewelry box will be the seducing sounds of the V-twin motors. Then there is handlebars, the stares you will get from the handlebars alone will be the envy of onlookers wishing for "someday." Hidden compartments, a designer heated seat, and a paint job that will leave you wondering if this gorgeous piece of machinery was masterfully crafted from the “Tiffany’s Store" on New York’s 5th avenue. Fenders with real diamonds sparkling in the sun? YEP. A gas tank with a hand tooled chrome necklace wrapping it's links in sassy sophistication? YEP.