It all started on a bar napkin,
over a couple of Spanish Coffees at Huber's (a local favorite restaurant of ours). Al and I had this crazy idea about building a custom bike - one that nobody else had.  We had been watching all the build off shows on TV, and thought that it might be a fun project to tackle.  At that same time the movie "Pirate's of the Caribbean" was hot and the idea to build a theme bike around the blockbuster flick was born.  In the meantime, we went to the 2004 Easyriders Show, and I swore up and down I'd be up on that stage the next year.

So, Al and I put our noses to the grindstone and a few days before the 2004 Sturgis Rally, Pirate's Booty was ready to set sail.  We gave her one final polish and packed up and drove to Sturgis. We had no idea the bike would be such a hit.  The bike was winning awards at major events (click to check out the list). Everywhere we went people loved it.  Women wanted the bike and guys wanted their women to want the bike. Heck, every guy that saw Pirate's Booty would tell us how bad they wished their wife would ride.  With every comment I could feel the adrenaline pumping and I knew that Al and I were on the same page: Custom built motorcycles for women.

We left Sturgis full of fire, wheels spinning with anticipation, ready to embark on a new venture that would empower women to ride, to make sure they knew they were more than just the "bitch that fell off", and to build one-off custom bikes so unique the desire to own one would render anyone helpless.

Siren Custom Cycles is now a reality. We’ve just opened our store front with apparel, accessories, as well as the hot new bikes that we’ll be rolling out. Two concepts are already in full swing (click for a sneak peek) with ideas and designs unseen up until now. Cruiser or Sportbike...we are an equal opportunity, fly by the seat of our pants, full throttle custom motorcycle company.

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